Investment Team Support

Our practice is supported by a number of wealth management specialists and investment strategists. They are based out of Janney's corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA.  We work closely with these individuals in order to offer superior products and services to each of our clients.  

Mark Luschini
Chief Investment Officer

Mark Luschini is responsible for directing Parker/Hunter Asset Management's investment management services and also serves as the Chief Investment Strategist for Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. He Chairs the Investment Committee and partakes in setting asset allocation, sector weights and international diversity. He also helps to manage the firm's equity, fixed income and long/short hedge equity strategies.


Guy LeBas
Chief Fixed Income Strategist

Guy LeBas is Janney Montgomery Scott's Chief Fixed Income Strategist. Mr. LeBas joined Janney in 2006 as part of efforts to improve the firm's penetration into the fixed income markets across all sectors. In his role as strategist, he works closely with Financial Advisors in providing customized investment strategies for a range of institutional and ultra high new worth individuals.



Gregory Drahuschak
First Vice President/Private Client Research

Greg Drahuschak has served Janney Montgomery Scott LlC since 1992 and currently holds the position of First Vice President in the firm's Private Client Research department. He offers Janney's Financial Advisors and clients his 35 years of exceptional economic and market expertise and experience through a number of mediums, including such firm newsletters as Investment Perspectives and Market View Daily.