Our Services

At Nehrbas Wealth Management, we work with executives, professionals, business owners, retirees, and their families to help them optimize their wealth and reach their life’s goals. We are committed to providing solutions that include comprehensive planning, investments, advocacy and guidance customized for each client’s personal situation.

Comprehensive Services Include:

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Multi-Generational Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Services
  • Tax Efficient Strategies


Investment Management

  • Risk Management
  • Monitoring and Communication
  • Administrative Services


Financial Planning

We are personally committed to helping each client effectively plan and make informed decisions through our financial planning and wealth management process. Our unique process encompasses all goals and objectives, including risk analysis, cash flow, retirement, estate planning, taxes, education, and income strategies.  It is our objective to provide our clients with a comprehensive roadmap to show exactly where they are going and provide them with future scenarios for success.


Retirement Income Planning

At retirement, predictable, long-term income is critical. We strive to create solutions that are designed to help generate predictable and growing income through our customized process and advanced retirement income planning tools.


Multi-Generational Planning

We understand and believe in planning for today as well as generations to come. Multi-generational planning allows our clients to create a legacy that will exist throughout their lifetime, their children’s’ lifetimes, and even grandchildren’s lifetimes. We are uniquely qualified to serve the spectrum of generations as we have assembled a team of professionals that are multi-generational as well.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure that their final property and health care wishes are honored, that loved ones are provided for in their absence, and any charitable intentions are carried out. We work to help protect the assets our clients have worked hard for, plan for tax implications, and assist legal representatives with the information they may need in setting up trusts and wills to maintain an estate into the future.


Tax Efficient Strategies

Tax planning is a vital part of financial planning. Taxes are taken into consideration in all investment decisions in order to maximize the benefit for our clients by minimizing tax exposure.


Investment Management

We believe in a long-term investment strategy that reduces risk while enhancing potential return. Investment results require discipline, patience, and a long-term outlook. Our Investment Committee is constantly and diligently reviewing every investment inside our client portfolios to help ensure that you have the right investments for your needs. [Link to Investment Philosophy]


Risk Management

We know that you can’t control the market and its risks, but with good planning and understanding, you can control your reaction to them. We believe that risk management is essential and the foundation of all financial planning. We look at inherent market risks, risks that may require insurance, and individual situations that may entail unforeseen risks, as we develop a complete wealth management plan.


Monitoring, Service and Communication

We continuously monitor the performance of each portfolio to help ensure expected results. We work to identify opportunities to enhance the probability of achieving our clients’ plan goals. And, we communicate personally with each client along the way so they are always informed as to the status of their accounts and progress.


Trust Services

Through a relationship we have with The Byrn Mawr Trust Company, we are able to provide comprehensive trust administration, estate settlement and other trust services to families, foundations and institutions. Services include:

  • Trust Administration Services

  • Trust Oversight

  • Multiple-Type Trust Expertise

  • Comprehensive Estate Services